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The Voice of Pakistan

The Voice of Pakistan is a documentary series on various topics and social issues which are not usually discussed about in our society. The aim of the Voice of Pakistan is to create new perspectives on important social issues which are considered to be taboo and are not liberally talked about, The Voices and views of the people living in Pakistan, their problems that they face in their daily lives which is over looked by our system, the flaws of our society, the people, the government. With the Voice of Pakistan it’s our mission to bring a change, a change for the better, to give birth to a new and optimistic view towards these social and moral issues, towards our cities, our system, our life style and culture, without prejudice.


The Vision of “The Voice of Pakistan Team”, is not just to rise and talk about these sensitive topics, but also to find a way through which these issues can be eradicated.

The Voice of you, The Voice of me, The Voice of us.


  • Law and Order:
    In this Episode we discuss the crime ratio that is taking over our cities, the set backs ofour security forces, trying to find the reason on how and when a normal living person chooses transgression, the people who are the victim “The General Public”. Trying to find and discuss ways to Eliminate or even decrease the crime ratio which is building up day by day in out country.
  • Drugs:
    Here we see how one becomes a drug addict, mediums through which these drugs are brought in to our country, cities and also how these drugs are smuggled out, How they reach the people and what are their reason for their intakes of these drugs which not only affect the people who do drugs, but also the people who live with them, their family, their friends.
  • Beggars:
    This time we discover the people who are seen begging on the streets of our cities, begging for food, for money, who are these people? Are they begging because the are needy or are they just begging cause now it’s their profession, a way to make easy money, The beggars who choose this as a profession and the people who are really needy, on how to differentiate between the beggars and the professionals.
  • Sex Workers:
    Prostitution is a very sensitive issue and not much talked about in our country. It has been the oldest profession in the world, it’s maybe not possible to eliminate it completely, but in this episode we try to discuss ways on to how we can saturate these prostitutes who have infiltrated our society, our colonies, our neighbor hoods, how the people get affected by it.
  • Transvestite:
    Transvestites are the neglected part of our society who has been there since the beginning of time, here we try to show the problems that they are facing, as they are too a part of this society, just that we think of our self as normal and we feel ashamed to even talk about them, we see them begging on the streets, doing silly things, dancing away in our celebrations as it was theirs, just for money which the cannot earn through normal means as we as a society don’t even accept them in this society.
  • Child labor:
    Children who are unable to have the basic necessities of life, even education, children from 7 to 15 yrs of age who work in shops, restaurants, roads, begging and many other hard works. As our children they too deserve their childhood not to be spent in hard labor and without education. Trying to show their present and hoping to change the future that awaits s for them.