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Sohailhashmi.com Production Company was set up by its Founder & Chief Executive Sohail Hashmi in 2004 in Karachi Pakistan.

Sohailhashmi.com Productions was founded with the aim of realising one’s own potential and vision in the world. Sohailhashmi.com productions wants to look at the world with real eyes which means the work must be somewhat having truthful vision regarding its integrity & commitment.

The Launch

Sohailhashmi.com productions started work on its first project for Geo TV with a 50 minute two part love story called ‘Natalia’ (The Russian girl). The telefilm was broadcast at Geo TV in 2004 and was an instant success. This not only made Sohail Hashmi a director and producer, but also procured more work for his Sohailhashmi.com Production Company in the years to come.

The issue was always on quality work. Sohailhashmi.com productions had taken its time to come up with productions, but these productions had meaning along with the entertaining factor for its television viewer ship. The art of story telling is not as easy one, and as the time and media perspective changed in Pakistan with a surge in TV channels, Sohailhashmi.com productions stuck to its principles and tried to produce quality work. Still evolving as a company, its direction is clear regarding its way forward.


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