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Natalia - Broadcast on Geo TV 2004

Natalia was Sohail Hashmi’s directorial debut and was telecast in Geo Love Stories. The story is about a young graduate, played by Ali Kazmi, who makes his money by driving a taxi. Ayeshah Alam plays a Russian girl who is in Karachi after being betrayed by her business partner. The story revolves around the relationship that develops between Kazmi and Alam. The film had a very encouraging response and Sohail Hashmi was offered more telefilms to produce and direct.
Produced and Directed by Sohail Hashmi

Aks   – Broadcast on Hum TV 2005

This is an enthralling ghost story starring Angeline Malik, Sonia Khan and Imran Ayub with strong performances by all the actors. A completely different looking Angeline claimed that Sohail makes all his leading ladies look beautiful. The musical scores and the ambience created add to the appeal of the film.
Produced by Momal Productions. Directed by Sohail Hashmi

Thakaan   – Broadcast on Hum TV 2004

Thakaan, starring Shamoon and Javeria Abbasi is a story of a married couple that focuses on the problems faced by a working woman. A bold film directed with sensitivity and sincerity the film went down very well with the viewers.
Produced and Directed by Sohail Hashmi

Chingari   – Broadcast on Hum TV 2005

This is the story of a bored husband and wife who come across a recently married couple that helps them re-ignite that spark their relationship once had. This telefilm had Sohail not only directing it but also acting in it along with Nyla Jafferi, Masooma Abedi and Agha Shiraz. Amir Samad Khan was the associate director of the play.
Produced by Sohail Hashmi and Directed by Sohail Hashmi and Amir Samad Khan

Handsome Ghost To be broadcast on Hum TV 2005

Working his way into comedy, Sohail Hashmi has made this light-hearted telefilm starring Shahzad Mughal and Sonia Khan. The story of a happily married couple with an in-house ghost, this one will definitely bring a smile to its viewers.
Produced and Directed by Sohail Hashmi

Khaleej  – Broadcast on Hum TV 2004

A telefilm with Ali Afzal Khan and Sanam Iqbal, this play highlights the problems faced by couples going through a separation. A sensitive film, which is Sohail’s usual forte, it focuses on the expectations and perceptions of a relationship.
Produced and Directed by Sohail Hashmi

Dil Ka Kya Hai  – Broadcast on TVOne 2005

Written by Roshi Razzaq this was one of the films telecast on the launch of TV One. A love triangle starring Faiq Khan, Marium Aziz and Gasiou, the play also has veterans like Badar Khalil, Akber Subhani and Nyla Jafferi. Actor Tipu has shed his type cast image in this film and Marium Aziz makes her acting debut. In addition to playing the main lead, the title song has also been sung by Faiq Khan.
Produced and Directed by Sohail Hashmi

More to come soon.