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Wishing you positive vibes throughout the year

A very happy summer to you and your loved ones

There has been lot of activity going on in Pakistan, as the news channels have become a form of hourly entertainment for us all. One wonder’s just how the future will pan out if it continues like this.But the good comes with the bad and vice versa.One has to continue to do the best one can to see the difficult times through while enjoying the better times.

Therefore, I wrote an essay last year with turned out to be a blog. I was taken aback a bit and wrote a few more for the website ‘www.medium.com’  Before I knew it, I had written 15 articles more. Where have the subjects and words come from I ask myself? I am still looking for the answer. Perhaps I will never find one, but do take a read and let me know what you think. Its all for you. 

I strongly feel that human beings throughout the world are generally peaceful people who are more interested in going to work, paying their bills, looking after their children and just trying to get by. I feel it is very important for us to focus on the goodness of people and what they strive for rather than going into the negative, which is sometimes so easy to do.

So take good care; look after yourselves and each other.

Warm regards

Sohail Hashmi