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Sohail Hashmi joins the Buzz FM

Sohail Hashmi joins the Buzz FM Absolute Radio Network and launches the morning show called ‘Sohail Hashmi’s Morning Buzz’ from Mondays to Fridays from 8am till 10am.

Youtube monetization for ACB web channel June 2019

Congratulations are in order for the monetization of the Web TV channel on Youtube named ‘Asia Central Broadcast’ (ACB) ABC is Mr. Ghanazfer Ali’s brain child and it has retained the programming and content rights of the old Indus TV Network which includes over 35 years of content along with MTV Pakistan & Indus Music content. Sohail Hashmi joined the ACB team in April 2019 and says “Monitization is just one of many steps for ACB, we have a long way to go, and I am grateful to the dedication of the team to get us to stage One by early June 2019. We have a lot of new content to concentrate on along with international web series.” More updates to come on the above

Momentpin app launch April 2019

I was requested by the ‘digital boys’ of Fourth Arc to help launch and be a ِِِhost of the live seminar/interview for the new worldwide Social app Momentpin. Momentpin is made for the Important Moments in Your Life and in the pics below you will see the events that took place in April 2019.

SH Digital Message

On the left hand side photograph below I am seen standing with the outstanding British Pakistani inventor Mr. Nabeel Shaikh who is the founding member and CEO of the Moment Pin App. He worked with a global team of technical experts to ensure that the app reaches safety excellence specially for the youth and parents.
In the middle photograph I am ‘moderating’ a live session of ‘in the moment’ with the founder Mr. Nabeel Shaikh and dynamic CPO Mr. Salman Abedin along with the first round of panelists discussing the effects of social media on the youth and public at large.
The third is the (digital) poster made by Fourth Arc regarding one of the events.