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Directed and Produced by: Sohail Hashmi
Written by: Imran Aslam

First Episode (Junoon)

Junoon is a story about a serial killer, who leaves a clue after his every killing, but after his 21st murder The HIT team is handled over the case to solve and to arrest the convict. Now Major Talak played by Shamoon Abbasi, who is an Agent of (HIT) is assigned this case along with Inspector Rana played by Imzee. It`s the Special Force`s struggles and determination by which they solve the case through following each clue that the killer leaves behind.

Second Episode: (The Call)

(Suspense Thriller)
The Call. Is a story of the murder of a Call Girl in her boyfriend`s house, her boyfriend tries to hide the body in a deserted place, but its discovered by the Police, Now the (HIT) Team has to find out the Killer and Major Talak played by Shamoon Abbasi is assigned to solve the case. The boyfriend of the girl is questioned by the Special Forces for the Murder as the murder took place in his house and he was the one who tried to hide the body. Now it`s up to the HIT team to solve the case and to find the person who actually committed the murder.

Third Episode: (The Hacker)

This is a story about a hacker, whose parents died when he was a kid; the hacker Rakay Ahmed played by Adeel Suhrwardy is a computer genius and is now a very rich guy. Hacking is his passion which he does for thrill, not for money. After he robs a Bank for 20 million dollars, he gets himself to the newspapers, nobody knows any info about the hacker and the police are unable to solve the case. Agent Zarak played by Mohib Mirza of HIT Special gets on the case, agent Zarak is a computer Specialist in the HIT Team and is assigned on the case to solve it. Now Rakay Ahmed knowing that he has the special forces looking out for him, starts playing around Agent Zarak. He thinks that no one can apprehend him.

Fourth Episode (The Model)

Yet once again a Suspense thriller, The Model is based on a murder of a Fashion model which takes place at a fashion show, the boyfriend of the Model is being questioned for the murder as he had some argument with his Girlfriend, and threatened to kill her. Now the first suspicion is on him that he committed the murder, As Inspector Rana is not sure about him being the murderer, Agent Zarak played by Mohib Mirza is assigned to apprehend the real killer.

Fifth Episode: (Assassin)

This Story is based on an attempt to kill a minister; The Contract is given to Raheel Roy played by Adnan Shah (Tipu) who is an International Contract Killer assigned by an unknown person or Gang to kill Minister Ikram. There has been an attempt in the past to kill Minister Ikram but he survived and now when he is attacked once again he calls up the HIT Team to take care of this threat that lurks around him. He specifies Rustam who acted as security in the last incident; Rustam gets on the case along with Inspector Rana. They are able to apprehend the assassin and Minister Ikram is saved once again.

Sixth Episode: (The Collector)

This story is based on a Collector, A thief of Art paintings and Sculptures, who has been stealing art from museums all over the world, NO one knows who he is as he steals with different faces, His specialty being that he is the master of disguise and it`s really hard to capture him. Now there is a sculpture which is brought into a Pakistani Museum for exhibition and he manages to steal that sculpture. The local police find themselves to be helpless as they cannot find any clue to who would have stolen the priceless sculpture. The case is handed over to the HIT Special Forces who start searching for the man behind this crime. The Special Forces assign Rustam who gets on the case; and the hide and seek of the collector and the special forces agent begins.

Seventh Episode (Politics)

Killer Ronny played by Adnan Shah (Tipu) has an assassination attempt on his life. The H.I.T team lead by Colonel Riaz finds out that there is a metal chip placed in his head. The episode shows the use of human robots being used in the games of politics throughout the world. Inspector Rana and Natasha investigate and get lead into the political world of an ex minister played by Arif Bahalim. The conclusion leads to a surprise ending, but maybe not for Ronny.

Eighth Episode (Waqt)

A terrorist played by veteran actor Rashid Farooqi is on the loose for revenge against the city. A few explosions have taken place which have now been reported to the H.I.T team. The terrorist is intrigued by Inspector Rana. There starts a like and dislike situation in this graphic cat and mouse game. Natasha is called for the rescue, but will it be too late? Is the capital of the country in danger of explosions taking place? How can Colonel Riaz deal with this situation.

Ninth Episode (The Mystery)

Electro magnetic airwaves being linked to the local satellite seem to be causing destruction and leading to death. Mikaal. A young specialist on networking and electromagnetic airwaves is bought into the H.I.T team. Is Mikaal (played by actor Nadir Baloch) interested in the job, or is he obsessed with his academy teacher and Special H.I.T agent Natasha? The mysterious mystery (played by Nadya Mistry) is causing havoc with the H.I.T team. She is playing with their minds via networking. Can the H.I.T team overcome the games that she plays or is this the time that the special team gets out smarted?

Tenth Episode (The Virus)

A government official has been killed by a deadly virus through the opening of an envelope. This is quite similar to a case that took place in the UK over ten years ago. Colonel Riaz is on a mission to get to the bottom of this problem while communicating with the British ambassador (played by Nasir Khorassani), and his British boss (played by Yasmin Salman). Can the H.I.T team get to the evil scientist (played by Faraz Hassan) with the virus? Coming again to a surprise conclusion where agent Mikaal is stopped to continue and Special agent Natasha takes the lead. But are the lives of the H.I.T team intact in this episode?

Eleventh Episode (Shararat)

A top secret disc is stolen and the suspect is the ambassador of Gabria. Because of diplomatic immunity, the authorities are not able to search the embassy. Colonel Riaz takes the help of one of his experienced agent Nyla. ( played by veteran actor Nyla Jaffery) The ambassador (played by Saadat Maxood) is an art lover. Nyla is also an art lover, or is she? This episode takes us through the feelings of special agent Natasha regarding her boss Colonel Riaz. But does the Colonel have feelings for Nyla? Has the colonel fully recovered from his virus illness?

Episode Twelve and Thirteen (Azadi)

Situations in Pakistan are getting worse by the day. Colonel Riaz (Sohail Hashmi) is now tired and fatigued by the bombing state of affairs. He is convinced that this is a case of brain washing. Special Agent Natasha (Natasha D’ Souza) is confused by the investigation while Inspector Rana (Imran Aslam) is not what he seems to be, and now could be a suspect. Mirage (Veteran Actor Saleem Mirage) is brainwashing new recruits while explosions all over the country are taking place. A host of actors in this block buster ending to H.I.T the series. Gripping all the way with action sequences. The series leaves a strong message for the viewer.