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‘Tum Na Mille Toh’ (If we never met) is the latest of the joint Tele-film ventures between Odho Productions and SohailHashmi.com. Shot in exotic locations, the director is seen here on location with his camera crew.

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The director would like to thank the terrific cast & crew of ‘Tum Na Milte Toh’. from left to right: assistant director Waqas Shahzad, actor Nauman Masood, child star Aamish, director SH, actor Atiqa Odho & actor Zara Tareen.
Director SH seems happy with the last take: “Lets call it a wrap, and get a TV broadcast”
Unwind with Sohail Hashmi
It has been an honor and a pleasure for SH to host the late night show ‘Unwind with Sohail Hashmi’ on PTV network. Legendary actor and director Saira Kazmi as one the many special guests with SH. Over 80 shows recorded.
Having a mad moment with actor Sajid Hasan, all our moments together seem to be happily eccentric. Wishing that I was not 150 years old while greeting the lovely actor Mahira Khan.
Checking to see that this is not an illusion and that this is the great pop star Alamgir. It is. Great model Nadia Hussain teaches me the catwalk, could this be another career for me?

Why it all began?

Ever since the shocking experience of being slapped by his doctor at birth on his arrival to earth at a hospital in London UK, which sadly does not exist anymore, (the hospital does not exist anymore, but London does) the world has been laid out like a stage for Sohail Hashmi, and he has tries to perform to the best of his ability and still continues evolving wherever possible. Therefore, he must be stopped immediately. From presenting the breakfast shows and their launches on radio throughout Pakistan, to acting and direction, then going into television production of tele-films, documentaries, situational comedies, then working on corporate voice-overs for television and radio. Again changing and evolving into a talk show host (Unwind with Sohail Hashmi) for Pakistan Television, Sohail Hashmi has very nearly, seen it all.
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Unwind with Sohail Hashmi
Samina Perzada
Sohail Hashmi is one of the most genuine human beings that I have met and a great friend.
I really hate Mr. Hashmi with a passion but what a sexy voice.
Talat Hussain
I look and treat Sohail Hashmi as a son, I have known him since he was a boy and he has come a long way Mashallah.
Sania Saeed
Sohail is a fine Actor. He has more than proved it in our first telefilm “Hum” together.